Must Have Tools, Pressing Edition

Must Have Tools, Pressing Edition

While we tend to focus the most on quilting around here, today's post is a public service announcement to all types of sewists. If you love to sew bags, apparel, (or, of course, quilts), this is a tool you will love to have on your pressing table.

We've designed a heat resistant ruler to make measuring your seams and setting your hems a breeze: you can measure and press to set at the same time! A bit about the ruler: it is made of very thin, heat resistant material, meaning it won't melt or warp when you apply the direct heat of your iron. It's flat enough to allow you to press sharp creases in your fabric to mark correct hem widths or turned edges.


Measurements on the ruler include every 1/8" from 1/4" to 1" on one side for measuring hems and on the other side 1/4"-5/8" for seams. The markings are positioned to allow for rotating the ruler to the position needed for your project or fabric size and still be easily visible.

How to use ruler for measuring and setting a hem or turned edge:

1. Position fabric, wrong side up, on pressing surface. Set iron to heat appropriate to type of fabric.

2. Place the Heat Resistant Ruler on top of the fabric and slide it toward the edge you want to hem. Estimate the width you want your hem and position ruler that far from the fabric edge.

3. Turn the edge of the fabric over the edge of the ruler and line it up with the mark on the ruler for hem width you desire. In the photos, I am using the 1/2" mark. Adjust the ruler as needed so that fabric edge is at the correct measurement along entire length of desired hem.

4. Hold fabric and ruler in place while placing the iron over the hem. The heat will set the hem at the desired measurement as long as you are careful to keep ruler and fabric in place.

5. Remove iron and ruler and use fabric with turned edge as desired. Some uses for this technique: turning the edges to make sharp hems on pockets, straps for bags, sleeves, and quilt binding strips or appliques.

We always love a tool with many uses, so we've designed this one with lots of great extras!

+ Use the curved edge to mark curves into corners, making rounded corners or scallop edges on quilts before binding, or rounded corners on bags and apparel.

+ One side of the ruler has a notch at the corner and markings to set and check seam widths 1/4"-5/8". + Mark and press to set angles at 30, 45 and 60 degrees.

Hope you have fun with this. Like many other sewing gadgets, it's one of those you didn't know you needed, then wonder how you went without!

Love Sewing,


As with any product used with a hot iron, be careful to allow ruler to fully cool before touching any part that contacts the hot iron. Use ruler with iron only long enough to set fabric, avoid prolonged exposure to high heat.

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I want to order 2 of these Hem rulers!

Janet Marie Courtley

CNt wait to try it. I’m buying 3, my friends will like it too!

Nancy H

Love this heat resistant ruler! On my ‘to buy’ list!

Rene Bolton

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