We ❤️ Scrappy Quilts

We ❤️ Scrappy Quilts

Based on conversations I've had with a variety of quilters, particularly those in the "traditional" camp, we can safely say that quilts made 'scrappy' are universally appreciated. You know the look: lots of different fabrics put together in a seemingly random way that makes them feel cozy and casual. They are fun to look at -all those prints and colors- and seem less precious and, therefore, more snuggle-friendly.

Love notes quilt pattern

Thing is...do you ever look at a scrappy quilt and think, "I love this, but I don't know how to mix and match prints and colors well enough to make it pretty and not a cluttered mess." We feel you.

It can be hard to fearlessly sew a bunch of prints and hope they look good together in the end. Also, some of us don't have a collection of scraps to pull from, or at least not enough to piece a quilt that looks good.

Enter: 10" square packs. Using a pre-cut selection of fabrics like this is the ideal way to make a scrappy quilt with confidence. Why?

In each pack you get a wide variety of fabrics in a small amount. This is a much more affordable way to achieve the variety we love in a quilt without having to buy SO MUCH FABRIC. Lots of shops have a 1/2 yard minimum buy...meaning it's going to cost a lot of cash to get enough different fabrics for that cozy, scrappy looking quilt.

Each piece in the pack is only 10" square. That may not sound like much, but it's just the right amount to make a large baby quilt or small throw...bigger if you add yardage of a coordinating fabric to supplement as 'background'. This also means LESS WASTE and scraps left over. Your 10" square pack is used up, you have a beautiful quilt, and you aren't left with scraps to feel guilty about tossing or piling up in your stash.

Take the stress out of choosing the right colors and prints. The fabrics in the packs are designed to go together, either from a single designer collection of prints or a curated selection of solid colors that work well together. So, you're ready to go scrappy, safely? I'll show you our best ones.

Geometry layer cake quilt pattern

Geometry is a Love Sew original and a favorite for kits. This one is our favorite to recommend for beginner quilters because the cutting is simple and sewing is only straight seams connecting squares and rectangles. Nothing tricky about it! Plus, all the scrappy goodness and all-over patchwork hides the block units, so it's not so bad if your seams don't line up exactly.

Love Notes quilt pattern by Love Sew

If you are looking for a forgiving design, Love Notes is the pattern for you. Since it's meant to be a bit wonky, each quilt will be as unique as the maker and the varied sizes of the pieces make it is easy to hide imperfections. Isn't this fun? there is so much to look at!

Twirl quilt pattern by Love Sew

Nobody said that scrappy has to be prints. At the top of this post, you see the Twirl pattern made up in the Mod Pop print collection. Compare to the one above made with solids. Looks great in any style! Do you have a favorite fabric collection? the bigger shapes and sharp design make Twirl the best for showing off your favorite fabrics whether you go random or with a planned layout.

Amazing what you can make with 10" squares, right? Just the right size, just the right amount, and so many options!

Love Sewing,


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I enjoy making scrappy quilts Im a beginner and I think doing a quilt scrappy is easier to make

Dolores gonzalez

I loved this. I AM a tried and true “scrappy” quilter. I enjoyed this article and the delightful quilts shown. Keep up the great work.

Sally Riggs

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