Two in One: Reversible Ironing Board Cover

Two in One: Reversible Ironing Board Cover

The only thing that makes a necessary product better? making it cute 😎

I don't know about you, but I can't resist a product I need that comes in cute colors, prints, or both!

At Love Sew, we are known for our high quality, pure wool pressing mats. These useful travel and tabletop size mats have become the must-have accessory for quilters in recent years. Last year, we said, "how can we expand on the fantastic qualities of the wool pressing mat?" It might seem like you can't improve on perfection, but I think we did pretty well with the reversible ironing board cover.

The idea behind the Reversible Ironing Board Cover was to bring all the benefits of pressing on pure wool to a full size ironing board. While the original pressing mats are ideal for pressing in-progress quilt blocks and small projects, quilters really need to use our full size ironing boards for finished tops, border strips, and pressing yardage for backing our quilts.

It turns out you all agreed! Our first shipment of the Reversible Ironing Board Cover sold out in a minute, so we've added three new colors AND improved the gathering system for easier installation on your board.

Here we go:

What is it? Just like it sounds, the Reversible Ironing Board Cover features two sides for pressing: one is a standard woven fabric cover for everyday use. This side comes in four fabulous colors to spice up your space: pink, royal blue, aqua blue, and black and features an adorable white polka dot pattern.
The OTHER side is natural pure wool, ideal for quilters especially, but also for any pressing you might need to do.

The wool side is ideal for quilting (or any pressing, really) because of the heat and humidity absorption and reflection properties of the natural wool. When you press fabric on the wool, it holds the heat of the iron and reflects it back. This means your pressing surface provides additional heat and you end up with beautifully flat quilt pieces with less effort. It's even more effective when you place a clapper over the pressed fabric and allow to cool between the wood clapper and wool pressing surface.

How does the Reversible Ironing Board Cover work?
The cover is designed for standard ironing boards and fits by cinching the edges with a drawstring around the board. Pull the drawstring until it has gathered slightly. Distribute the gathering around the edges of the cover and place on ironing board. Gently wrap the gathered edges of cover around the edges of the board. Continue to pull drawstring and gather cover until it fits the board and stays in place. It's easy to turn over when you want to use the reverse side.

It may not be glamorous, but pressing is a huge part of successful quilt making. If you are looking for more "pressing matters", be sure and read these posts, too:

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If you don't have a standard size ironing board, you can still get great 'full size' benefits of a wool surface. Try our super sized, rectangular, pure wool cover, Here. This is ideal for over-size ironing boards or can be trimmed to fit your board if desired.

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