Leaf Peepers, Quilters' Edition

Leaf Peepers, Quilters' Edition

Happy fall, y'all! How did it get to be October already? I don't know, but it sure is getting pretty around my home. I hope you are enjoying the change in season wherever you are!

To celebrate one of the most beautiful months of the year (IMHO), let's bring the autumn leaves into our sewing rooms - fabric versions, that is. This month, I'll share tutorials so you can make your own display of fall color with pretty leaf quilt blocks.

Each block finishes 10" and will feature fabrics from our Avant Solstice (pinks, oranges) and Mod Cloud (navy blue) collections. I hope you have some fun playing with these: make one of each for a pretty table runner, or a bunch for a true autumn splendor of a quilt.

Autumn leaf 1 

Fabric cutting

Navy Blue: cut (3) 3" squares; (4) 3 1/2" squares

Pink: (2) 3" squares; (2) 3 1/2" squares

Orange: (3) 3" squares; (2) 3 1/2" squares; (1) 1" x 4 1/2" strip


1. Match each orange and pink 3 1/2" square to a blue 3 1/2" square, right sides facing. Use a marking pen to draw a line diagonally on the back of the orange or pink square in each set, corner to corner.

2. Sew 1/4" on both sides of the marked line on each set of squares.

Cut on the marked line, open and press toward the blue fabric.
Trim and square to 3". Make four blue/orange and four blue/pink HST squares.

3. Cut one of the blue 3" squares once on the diagonal to yield two half square triangles. Center one of these triangles, right sides facing, the 1" x 4 1/2" orange strip. The long/angled side of the triangle should align with one long side of the strip. Sew with 1/4" seam. Press toward blue triangle.

4. Center the other blue HST on the opposite side of the same orange strip. Sew and press toward blue triangle. Use a ruler to square the unit to 3", cutting the ends of the orange strip to 90 degree angles that finish as corners of the 3" square.

5. Arrange the units to make leaf block: the first row consists of one blue 3" square, then a pink HST square, an orange HST square then the orange 3" square. Refer to photo below. Note the orientation of the HST squares - the pink and orange triangles will finish toward the center of the block, with blue to the edges. Sew units together and press to the right.

6. The second row is a pink HST square, orange 3" square, pink 3" square, and orange HST. Again, note the orientation of the HST squares. Sew the units together and press to the left.

7. Third row is an orange HST square, then pink and orange 3" squares, and a pink HST square. Sew the units together and press to the right.

8. The fourth row is the orange strip unit - this is the stem of the leaf - then orange HST square, pink HST square and blue 3" square. Sew units and press to the left.

9. Sew all four rows together.

I LOVE the way the dark navy blue fabric looks with the orange and hot pink. What do you think? Such a good autumn-y alternative to white as a neutral. Plus the bright colors spice up the usual fall color palette.

Have fun with this! Share what you make with this pretty block on the Love Sew FB page, we love to see what you make.

Happy Stitches,


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I’d love to have the link for the first word search! I really love these kind of puzzles. Also, I am going to make my squares with Christmas fabrics


I love the block of the leaves

Patricia White

Mine looks wonderful. I used only fall colors. Thank you!

Dorothy Buckey

copy and paste the whole thing onto a blank WORD document.


Love these blocks but is frustrating directions are not available for printing. Maybe this can be looked into for customers.

Patricia Show

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