Shine the Spotlight on: Spring Fling

Shine the Spotlight on: Spring Fling

It's been all about honing our cutting skills around here for a little while and especially focused on triangles. There are some really great tools available to make cutting easier, quicker, and more accurate. 

I shared our YouTube short video demonstrating how to use the Triangle  Square Up ruler, which is great for perfecting your half square triangle game.

Let's wind up our triangle talk with a special spotlight on our bestselling pattern, Spring Fling. Because if you love HST's, you'll LOVE Spring Fling.

Now, while the Triangle Square Up ruler is wonderful for trimming when you are making half square triangles (HST) in a variety of sizes or fabric combinations - you trim each piece individually - you might want to try something else for large quantities of HST squares in the same size and fabrics.

Have you tried triangle papers? These handy template rolls act as a foundation for sewing as many HST's as you want in one long seam, AND without sewing or cutting bias edges. You simply cut fabrics to the width of the paper roll and length corresponding with how many triangles you need. Pin the fabrics to the template paper, sew on the lines and cut on the on the other lines - poof! perfectly sized and no-dog-ear half square triangle squares. The paper rolls come in different sizes so you can make what you need for a specific pattern.

Definitely recommend for a quilt like Spring Fling.

There's something about a quilt design that uses simple shapes to create a complex looking pattern. I love how Spring Fling looks SO different in each of our kits. We've made it with prints and solids in totally different colors, and it looks cool and unique in each one!

Like I said before, Spring Fling is one of our best selling patterns, so we've tried it out using several of the fabric bundles we have in the shop. We currently have kits to make it in four looks - Sunshine Blooms prints + three solids collections.
*see kits here*

Which is your favorite? Do you have a collection of fabrics that needs to get off the shelf and onto your cutting mat? Spring Fling might be the pattern to bring them to life!

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