How Do I Get Better At Cutting Fabric?

How Do I Get Better At Cutting Fabric?

Dear Geraldine,

I'm a quilting newbie who has been having some trouble. It turns out that I'm not very good at cutting out fabric, despite having no health conditions and brand-new fabric scissors! 

I'm also very busy. Spending all my free time cutting fabric rather than sewing an actual quilt. Is there a solution to my problems?


- A Frustrated Quilter


Dear 'Frustrated',

Sometimes it takes a while to become proficient in new skills, such as measuring and cutting fabric. Don't give up! In fact, taking a quilting class or two may help with this issue if you have the time for that.

It might also be a good idea for you to invest in a rotary cutter and protective gloves,  especially if ordinary fabric scissors aren't working out. 

However, using a rotary cutter requires some practice. You will need to be very careful, because the sharp blades can be dangerous. 

For more information on that subject, check out our earlier blog on How To Properly Use A Rotary Cutter or our video tutorial on Rotary Cutting.

But the easiest solution to your current dilemma is to simply use precut fabric for your next project instead of doing all the work yourself! Then you can get back to enjoying your new hobby in a timely fashion.

In fact, we here at Love Sew have an excellent selection of affordable, precut fabrics that are available in a variety of colors and sizes. At the moment, they're even on sale! 

Of course, if any of my readers have any more suggestions for 'Frustrated', please don't hesitate to mention them in comment section below.

XOXO Geraldine

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Is the blue flower quilt precut

LaVerne Burrowis

Practice makes perfect! Don’t give up and don’t rush 😊


I am new to quilting as well.
My first pieced top was precut. The next one I had to cut. A rotary cutter and mat are a must. So are quilting rulers. I love Creative Grids. The 12 1/2" square, 6 1/2" square, 6 1/2″ × 24 1/2" have been the most beneficial for me. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos as well, but I am signed up for a quilting class to help me as well. You can do this! You will keep learning


The best thing I ever did with regard to quilting was take a beginner quilting class. Be sure the class covers using a rotary cutter, basics of a sewing machine needles and thread. The class I took was so James packed with good sewing info that I took it twice. We’ll worth the money both times


Learning to use a rotary cutter is definitely worth the effort. Once you are comfortable with this your cutting will be more accurate and you will cut the time to much less than half


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