The Last Cutting Mat You'll Ever Need

The Last Cutting Mat You'll Ever Need

At Love Sew we are always on the lookout for the best sewing and quilting products. We want to make your making easier, more fun, bring you the best tools and fabrics available! 

We also love it when we can innovate a necessary product and make it THE BEST it can be. Enter: new Love Sew cutting mats. I would guess that a rotary cutting, or self-healing, mat is in your top five must-have items in the sewing room. So for something that you use for every project, every time you sew, and can make an essential step quick and easy or slow and frustrating, you definitely want the best!

rotary cutting mats by love sew

The new collection of cutting mats by Love Sew come in three sizes, with measurements of 18" x 12", 24" x 18", and 36" x 24". These options provide you with the ideal mat for travel and smaller sewing spaces. Keep the largest one permanently installed on your regular sewing table to accommodate larger projects and use as a work surface for layouts and pinning as well as cutting.

rotary cutting mats for quilters by love sew

Each mat is completely reversible, with a warm gray color and white numbers on one side and fresh aqua blue/green on the reverse. Both sides are for everyday use, with large print-numbers in contrasting color that are "right side up" going both directions so you can use the mat from any angle with ease.

While we kept the mat markings unfussy, they still include everything you might need to make the most accurate measurements: a clear black 1" grid covers the full surface with a dashed line grid to mark 1/2" increments. This contrast lets you know fabric is positioned correctly at a glance. 1/4" measurements are indicated as well. 

rotary cutting mats for quilting by love sew

Each mat includes 45 and 60 degree lines forming triangles, so you can use them not only to cut angles, but equilateral and half square/quarter square triangles in whatever size you need. A really cool feature? the largest mat features a 24" square up area with the 45 degree lines marked every 1/2" so you can utilize measurements horizontally, vertically AND on the angle. That means less math when you want setting triangles and quarter square triangles!

Last but not least. How about the title of this post? are you wondering why I said this is the last cutting mat you'll ever need?

Because Love Sew mats are nearly 1/8" thick (most other brands are closer to 1/16"). The blue/green and gray cutting surfaces are separated and padded by a tough inner layer so the mat stays flat and provides a tough surface for cutting and protects whatever you have underneath. As soon as your Love Sew cutting mats arrive you'll notice the difference in how they FEEL, too. Not only the thickness, but that the smooth outer surfaces are extra supple, not brittle or rough like other mats that don't self heal and can crack, chip, and lead to poor cutting results.

rotary cutting mats for quilters by love sew

See for yourself! Choose the size that fits your sewing space. We know you'll love the beautiful colors and extra durability of Love Sew rotary cutting mats.

<<find the full selection of cutting mats here>>

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I purchased the 18 × 24 inch mat to replace the one I have been using for approximately 20 years. I was extremely disappointed when I realized that the difficulty I was having when using it was that my rotary cutter had sliced all the way through the mat in a couple of places and each cut was several inches long, making it unusable.

Betty Edwards

They would work for any kind of cutting on material.

Neva Martin

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