Titanium Coated Rotary Cutter Blades

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Diameter: 45mm

Cut Fabric Like Butter 


We’ve designed these Titanium Rotary Blades to do some cool things, like: 

-Last much longer than traditional steel rotary blades.

-Save you money on those expensive Big brand rotary blades.

-Cut multiple layers of fabric effortlessly.

-Be less painful on the hands if you have arthritis or pain in your hands from using scissors.

-Compatible with all brands of rotary cutter.

-To be used on many different types of fabric.


A Huge Time Saver – Whether you’re the occasional or frequent sewist these blades are going to 100% guaranteed to save you time and frustration. We know all too well about how much time cutting fabric takes. Cutting fabric is one of the most time-consuming tasks we sewists/quilters have. That’s why we want to help speed up your next project. 


Cut Your 3rd Quilt With The Same Blade - Being coated in titanium it makes the blades much more durable than your regular steel blades. This means you will save lots of money from all those replacement blades you are buying.


More Effective Than Scissors - If you haven’t used a rotary cutter before you need to! Every serious quilter is using one and it’s one of the most important tools you can have. It allows you to cut fabric accurately and easily. 


High-Quality Titanium Coated Blades – At Love Sew we only believe in high quality ethically sourced products. We go above and beyond to find the best quality products for our beloved family of over 200,000 customers.


Everyone Has Them – Any serious sewist has a set of these. Once you get the hang of it it’s a huge time saver.


Beautiful Packaging With Easy To Follow Instructions – We know how annoying it can be when you buy a sewing gadget online and they don’t include any instructions. At Love Sew one of our core values is providing excellent and easy to follow instructions!


Our goal is simple.

To Give YOU the best experience possible! At Love Sew, we take our time to source the highest quality products possible, so we always know our customers are getting only the best of the best!


Product Information:

Each Package contains 10pcs of Titanium Coated Rotary Cutter Blades.

2 diameters available - 45mm & 60mm.

This will fit all brands of rotary cutter so if you already own a rotary cutter these will fit it.

Does not include a rotary cutter. If you would like one you can easily purchase below by adding the “Rotary Cutter 45mm (2 Free Replacement Blades)” to your cart.