Sliding Sewing Gauge

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Type: Set Of 2

Everything Is Fast With This Sewing Gauge Set

We’ve designed these sewing gauges to do some cool things, like:

-Double-sided measuring

-Used as a T-gauge & a Hem gauge

-Perfect for measuring seam allowance

-Buttonhole spacing

-And even use it as a circle compass!

    A Huge Time Saver – Whether you’re the occasional or frequent sewist this gauge set is going to 100% guaranteed save you time and frustration. Measuring accurately is one of the most pivotal elements on your project that can make or break it. That’s why we want to help you guarantee your success on your next project.

    5 Functions in 1 - the gauges are adjustable, can be used as t-gauge, hem gauge, seam allowance, buttonhole spacer and circle compass; suitable for sewing, waving, measuring, stitchwork and more.

    Perfect measurements - Every measurement you need for quilting, tailoring and much more. Quickly measure ⅝”, ¼” & ⅛” effortlessly.

    Everything Is Fast - Quickly measure and mark your projects with convenient markings.

    Take It Anywhere - Perfect size to throw in your bag and take to your sewing class or retreat!

    Everyone Has Them – Any serious sewist has a set of these. Once you get the hang of them it’s a huge time saver.

    Our goal is simple.

    To Give YOU the best experience possible! At Love Sew, we take our time to source the highest quality products possible, so we always know our customers are getting only the best of the best!


    What's In Your Package?

    2 Pieces in 2 sizes. The big one is 12"x3", the small one is 7"x2.5"