Our Story

Our Story

An entrepreneur to the core, our founder, Patrick Crane, knew he had a dream of owning his own business. While taking a gap year in Australia, he picked a place to start – selling sleep masks and secondhand books online. Although these businesses didn’t catch on, he kept trying and after many attempts he found something that stuck – a community of like minded individuals who are as enthusiastic about quilting and sewing as he is about entrepreneurship.

His first product was an LED sewing machine light that works universally with a variety of different machines. The light first took off in Facebook advertisements, with his mum becoming the public face of Love Sew and being seen by millions and millions of people across the globe. Emboldened by the quick success of the sewing machine light, Patrick quickly began adding more and more sewing machine gadgets to our online store – including some of our customers’ favorite products like the wool ironing board cover, the ultimate presser foot set, strips quilting ruler, and our quilter’s clapper.

As Patrick grew the Love Sew community, he received many requests from quilters and sewists around the world asking for new products to be added to the store, and it was then that he realized he needed to find a team of passionate quilters and sewists who could help him continue growing Love Sew. Although the Love Sew team is small, we are dedicated to improving our customer experience by expanding our catalog every day and adding our most requested items: fabric, thread, batting, and more.

At Love Sew, we love to sew and quilt, and we know our customers (like you!) do too. That’s why our number one goal is to keep growing by creating and testing the best new products to help our family of quilters and sewists across the world spend more time finishing projects and less time worrying about how to finish projects. Learn more about our team below or click here to shop our best-selling products!

Our Team

We have created a community across the globe connected by a passion for sewing and quilting. Learn more about our family of passionate quilters and sewists helping to grow our store:

Kristina Trogdon - Fabric Design Guru - Colorado, USA

A fashionista, yogi, and travel enthusiast Kristina brings all our wildest fabric dreams to life! From traditional vintage reproductions to whimsical vibrant florals to inspired modern blenders, Kristina has designed it all in her years of experience as a quilting and sewing fabric designer. A typical day for Kristina is spent drinking coffee, emailing with our fabric mills, creating illustrations for our next quilting collections, and researching what to inspire our quilting and sewing customers with next. Her biggest fashion inspiration is Elsa Schiaparelli since her approach was different than most other designers of her time, Schiaparelli inspires Kristina to create not only fabric, but her own quilt projects in a way that extends beyond any kind of limitations.

Sharon McConnell - Product Design & Pattern Magician - Ohio, USA

Our resident quilting expert, Sharon brings the most technical quilting experience to the team! Her passion and knowledge for quilting are an integral part of bringing the best new quilting and sewing tools to our customers. She works with our manufacturers all over the world to find and test all of your favorite Love Sew products, and writes our tips, tricks, and content to keep our customers on the path to more finished projects. Outside of sewing, Sharon is passionate about caring for her flower garden and uses it as an extension of her passion for color and beautiful things! She spends her free time outdoors hiking, playing, and traveling with her family, including her 2 furry retrievers and 2 soccer playing sons.

Meridian Riley - Merchandising Experience Master - Colorado, USA

Specializing in merchandising, marketing, and data analysis Meridian works hard to bring you the best online shopping experience and expanding our catalog with the best products from our customer’s favorite quilting and sewing brands. Meridian works closely with Kristina and Sharon to keep up to date and stay ahead of the latest and greatest trends. She has always had a passion for all things crafting and is ecstatic to be rejoining the quilting and sewing industry after a 2-year break working in the athletic footwear and apparel industry. When she’s not spending time in her craft room turned office, Meridian enjoys spending time with her fiancé and their two rabbits, Cookie and Kylo, and hiking 14ers in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Grace Santiago - Customer Service Superstar - Philippines

Our customers are her number 1 priority, Grace provides excellent customer service to our customers who write in with questions or concerns! Grace’s positive attitude and helpful demeanor are a huge part of what makes shopping at Love Sew great. When she’s not helping our customers with great service, Grace loves spending time at home with her son and the rest of her family. Her passion for being a great mom and providing the best life possible for her son means she spends a lot of her time helping her son with schoolwork between juggling her work and family responsibilities.

George Shouha - Graphic and Packaging Design - Karlstad, Sweden

Inspired by Albert Einstein's achievements in Physics to think outside of the box, George brings our brand and packaging needs to life through his expertly crafted designs. With over 20 years of experience, George knows his way around creating compelling marketing and packaging designs. His skills range from carefully crafted marketing posters to quirky packaging designs to high intensity book covers. In his free time, George loves spending time with his family and playing video games with his son.

Lena Zygalova - Social Media Specialist

At Love Sew, Lena is our Social Media Specialist and is responsible for managing all of the Love Sew social media channels. She creates all of the posts you see for Love Sew and True Fabrics on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Previously, she was involved in Public Relations for L'Oréal Paris (L'Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York, Dessange), Dax Cosmetics (Hada Labo Tokyo, Yoskine, Perfecta, Dax Men, Dax Sun, Cashmere, Celia), Pelavo, Pat & Rub, Sanex, Makarun and pepefashion.pl. In her free time, she is a huge fan of fashion, traveling, and connecting with nature. For over 5 years, she worked as a model which gives her unique insight into how important it is to manage brand image, run social media channels, and develop strong communication skills.

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