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Wool Pressing Mat
Wool Pressing Mat
Wool Pressing Mat
Wool Pressing Mat
Wool Pressing Mat
Wool Pressing Mat

Wool Pressing Mat

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We’ve designed our mats to do a couple of really cool things, like:  

-Retain heat for double-sided, efficient pressing & energy savings
-Grip your blocks for non-slip results
-Use pins for those tricky pieces
-Lightweight for portability
-Completely flat for consistent pressing
-Perfect size for all workstations


Pure and Natural 100% New Zealand Wool - 100% wool, fleeced and tightly felted to make the Love Sew™ Wool Pressing Mat the perfect ironing surface for all your quilt block and fabric pressing needs.

No More Sprays - Steam or other sprays are unnecessary because the wool actually absorbs moisture from the air as heat is applied.

Double-Sided Pressing - It creates an additional heat source underneath your fabric, giving you crisp precision as you iron.

Everyone Has One - One of those investments and tools you won't want to be without whenever you sit down to sew.

Perfect Thickness Retains Heat - All mats are 1/2" thick.


Our goal is simple.

To Give YOU the best experience possible! At Love Sew, we take our time to source the highest quality products possible, so we always know our customers are getting only the best of the best!

Love Sew™ Wool Pressing Mats are no different. We worked tirelessly to get our wool from people who ONLY work with wool. They know a thing or two about high-quality wool. Really high-quality wool.