handmade sewing valentine cards tutorial

Sew Your Love this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that kind of has it all: pretty colors and sparkly gifts to give, chocolate and flowers, tons of crafty potential for homemade giving…and it’s ALL about the ones you love. What can be better than that?

sewing valentine cards with Love Sew

This year we are pulling out the fabric scrap bin to make extra special cards for the extra special people in our lives. This cute project is easily done on a weekend afternoon and sure to send a caring message to the lucky recipients.

Making cards with fabric scraps is super easy, but the cuteness payoff is off the charts. You can use supplies you already have on hand: fabric scraps, scissors, thread, rotary cutter supplies and your sewing machine. You’ll also need some card stock paper and glue stick (available at office supply stores and the scrap book section of your craft store), and any “extra” decorations you want for embellishments.

Making valentine cards with Love Sew

Think: rubber stamps, stickers, buttons, ribbon, glitter…run wild or keep it simple, these should be all about “you” and the loved one you make it for.

We've created a sheet with text and templates you can print for your cards or gift tags. <Download Here>

First, cut the card stock paper to size you want for your card. If you plan to mail the card, check the size of an envelope you have available. I made mine to be folded so I can write a message inside, but you can also cut them to be flat, post-card style, too. Just like with fabric, use your rotary cutter and ruler for easy, smooth and straight cuts.

handmade valentine cards tutorial

Next, use the dull side of a butter knife to score the center of the card. Scoring makes it easy to get a clean, smooth fold in your card.

You are ready! Decorate directly on the card by adding cut fabric hearts or X and O, or layer the pieces with colored paper. For one of my cards, I sewed the fabric heart to a small pink paper first, then glued that to the card.

handmade valentine crafts with fabric and paper

Use a fabric pen to trace a template or free hand draw hearts on your fabric and cut them out. Position the heart on the card and use a small amount of glue to hold it in place. Now you are ready to add thread! I think the stitching is what really makes these cards unique and cute! Use decorative stitches on your sewing machine, or heavier thread like embroidery floss and stitch by hand. The thread and sewing adds great texture and pattern (and color!) to your card.

handmade valentine cards with paper and fabric tutorial

Some ideas:  

Use a decorative stitch around the edge of the fabric shapes (this can be done by hand or on your sewing machine

Stitch on the paper from edge to edge over the fabric shapes. This will hold the fabric down, and the stitches on the paper will add texture and an interesting pattern

Sew around the shapes 1/4” from the edge of the fabric shape, creating an outline with the thread

sewing fabric to paper for valentine card

After sewing, add stickers, buttons or text to your card to fancy it up as much as you like! Your Valentine is going to know you put a lot of love into making them feel special.

homemade valentine cards with fabric scraps and paper

Don’t forget to write a sweet message inside or on the back of the card.

We’d love to see what you make! Before you give it to your sweetheart, snap a photo and share with us on the Love Sew FB group, or on Instagram and tag @lovesewusa

making valentine cards with fabric and paper

Happy hearts day!

❤️ Sharon 

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