Quilter's Word Scramble!

Quilter's Word Scramble!

We've got a treat for you today-

A brand new Quilter's Word Search puzzle!!

You asked for more puzzles, and we listened!


Quilter's Word Scramble

Click here to download and save to your computer.

Word Scramble Answer Key


There are 20 quilting words to unscramble- it's easier said than done! What will your score be?

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These are fab to print out and take to quilt guild meetings, quilt retreats, or to send to someone who can't get out at the moment. 

Let us know what you think and if you'd like to see even more puzzles :)

Good luck to everyone!! 

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I was looking for some puzzles for my sewing group Christmas Party. These will be great. Looking forward to some more

Barbara Bradshaw

I just found this fun “test”. Please count me in!


Love it! I’m taking a copy to my stitch group this week! Thanks!


Timed myself. Got them all in under 3 minutes. Guess I’m a pro? Love the puzzles. Keep them coming. Really appreciate it.

Lisa G

the puzzles are great fun!

Beverly Carey

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