Kanzashi Flowers: Sew Something Pretty!

Kanzashi Flowers: Sew Something Pretty!

Do you love picking up needle and thread and making pretty things with fabric by hand? Let's try something new!

At Love Sew we like to carry a selection of products for all your sewing interests, from the basics to the unique. The Kanzashi flower making templates definitely fall into the latter category...these unique little gadgets don't look like much, but what you can make with them will blow you away!

kanzashi flower templates sold by Love-Sew.com

Kanzashi flowers are traditionally made in Japan with silk fabric. They can be a variety of shapes and styles, just like real flowers! In Japan, they are worn as embellishments in hairstyles. They are just the right size for pretty barrettes or headbands, but they can be made into so many other crafty and decorative items as well.

kanzashi flower templates sold by Love-Sew.com

If you look around on Pinterest or YouTube, you'll see some truly impressive work: layered fabrics for multicolored petals, pretty beads, pearls or crystals as flower centers. Some are super fancy, others more fanciful and sweet. So many ideas!

The Kanazashi flower templates we sell in the Love Sew shop come as a set of 5 templates. Each template makes a different flower petal shape. Once you get the hang of it, you can vary the number of petals, layer them, and change up the center accent to make pretty much any flower you like. They are tiny and delicate so it takes a minute to get the hang of making them, but for hand sewists, you just might fall in love!

kanzashi flower templates sold by Love-Sew.com

I used a set to make flowers in Autumn colors and used them to decorate a wreath. It was easy with all the pretty faux leaves and such you can get at a craft shop, and the results really spice up my front door (if I do say so myself!). We have a quick video on Love Sew YouTube where I share about my wreath. Check it out and see if it inspires you!

kanzashi flower templates sold by Love-Sew.com

Once you get going, you might find yourself with a whole bunch of cute little flowers (-: Here are some ideas for using them to embellish items for gifting or enjoying yourself:

Christmas stocking: purchase a plain, ready-made stocking and use hot glue to attach flowers in shimmery red and white fabrics. Add bows, buttons, snowflakes...whatever you like to make it extra merry. Also make ornaments, centerpieces, and wreaths.

Photo frame: I love the idea of using a plain wooden frame and creating a flower wreath with the Kanzashi flowers and ribbons. Would be pretty for a wedding portrait, Baby's first Christmas, or any occasion you want to remember with an extra special memento.

kanzashi flower templates sold by Love-Sew.com

My first thought when introduced to the Kanzashi flower project was how cute they would be as a garland strung across a fireplace or around a child's room. You could use bright cheerful colors or make it seasonal with your colors and additions like beads, pinecones, eggs, stars....it's endless!

<<watch wreath making video here>>

<<get your own set of Kanzashi templates here>>

autumn wreath made with kanzashi flowers by Love-Sew.com

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I have the same question as Pam. Is there a video on how to make the little flowers.? I have the set, and the instructions (very small print), but would love to see a video.

Kathi Dore

Is there a video on how to actually make the flowers using the 5 little plastic things not just a wreath.


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