Free Quilters Word Search- Challenge your Quilty Knowledge!

Free Quilters Word Search- Challenge your Quilty Knowledge!

Hey Quilty friends!

This week we have a freebie for you- a Quilters Word Search!

If you haven’t tried a word search before, give it a go. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a pen and the printout.  They are super relaxing and rewarding- there’s a little sense of accomplishment with every word you locate in the grid!  It's like a little victory dance for your brain!

Word searches are a perfect combo of entertainment, relaxation, and mental exercise, while focusing on your favorite hobby- quilting.


Feel free to download and print as many times as you like. Share with other quilty friends, or even bring them to your quilt guild for a group activity (perhaps give a prize to the first person to finish?)

Stumped? We've got an answer key!


-Or use the QR code on the puzzle page to access the key. But try not to, 'kay?

Happy hunting and have sew much fun,


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Love work searches. Thank you for the free printables.

Carolyn Lewis

Thank you is was a fun challenge 😁

Teresa B

Thanks for the word search. They are a fun challenge.


Thank you for the fun word search. I printed a few copies for my employee friends at the quilt shop I work at. Also I attached it to my Guild’s newsletter with information about your site and blog. Again thank you! -Risa

Risa G McCann

Thank you for sharing the word search, at pressing 90 I am alone most of the time and I appreciate it.

Bettie Goolsby-Doyle

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