Scrappy Baby Quilt free pattern with video instructions by Love Sew

FREE Quilt Pattern: A Video How-To Sew

We at Love Sew  are thrilled to share our first quilt pattern on YouTube ! It’s a free quilt pattern with in-person demonstrations on rotary cutting, piecing and sewing it all together. Hope you’ll sew along with us and try our new favorite tool: Creative Cuts Ruler.

Let's get started!

We’ve probably all seen a quilt pattern that we absolutely LOVE and want to sew…until we see the instructions say “cut (insane number) 2” squares”…. of course, when you love a quilt design enough, the “work” required to make it isn’t work at all, BUT, it would be nice to have a way to cut down the time on some of the more tedious parts…like cutting a zillion little squares or rectangles before ever sewing a stitch!

In the Window Box quilt video, we will show you how to make quick work of cutting multiple pieces quickly with the Creative Cuts Ruler. This is one of our best-selling products in the Love Sew shop because quilters love anything that makes their process quicker! The Creative Cuts Ruler is a slotted ruler that allows you to stack and lay fabrics side by side to cut multiple strips, squares and rectangles at the same time. The compact size means it can be easily packed for retreats and workshops.

The Window Box quilt is an easy-to-sew scrap quilt that is ideal for using your fabric stash & scraps or a pre-cut bundle of your favorite designer collection. We designed the pattern to be easily adaptable to whatever size you prefer. If you have a BIG scrap bag, sew a whole bunch of quilt blocks for a big, cozy quilt. If you need a quick baby shower gift, sew one like ours in just an afternoon!

For our quilt, we chose a favorite dark violet floral fabric for all the center squares of the blocks. If you have a favorite print you’ve been saving, this is a great time to pull it out! To make the 25-block quilt as shown, you only need a fat quarter of this fabric. Then we chose a small selection of fabrics that feature the colors in the center square fabric. This is an ideal design to make as scrappy as you want because the simple pieced design keeps it from getting too busy. Go crazy with a variety of colors, or keep it organized to just a few coordinating prints, it’s all up to you. Choose a neutral (we are using creamy white) and you are ready to go!

<<watch video now>>


Here are a few ideas to make yours “you” or to use fabrics you have available:

  1. Skip the white fabric and use all the scraps! 
  2. Divide your fabrics into “light” and “dark”. Use the dark fabrics where we have colorful prints, use the light fabrics where we have white. Super scrappy, but still organized.
  3. Choose fabrics all the same color (like blue, for example) and make half the blocks with ‘dark’ blue and half the blocks with ‘light’ blue fabrics then alternate them in the final layout.
    *Pulls out HUGE stash of my favorite color*
  4. Use white for all the center squares, then the same color for the strips/squares around the white square. Make each block a different color.

We think you’ll be impressed with how simple it is to cut all those squares and rectangle FAST with the Creative Cuts Ruler, and what’s better than a day of sewing where you can finish a whole quilt top?!

Watch now and sew along. Be sure and share your Window Box quilts on Love Sew Facebook or tag us on Instagram, @lovesewusa

Just keep sewing!

❤️ -Sharon

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